不過這段真的是啊,仔細重溫的時候眼睛都濕了,尤其是後面看到Bucky還對皮爹討好似的一樣說“But I knew him”的時候,那個勉強做出來的完全不是笑容的笑容簡直是會心一擊!



汤上有一段关于吧唧回忆杀的分析,可能有过度阐释的嫌疑,但里面有个观点我挺支持,就是吧唧的残肢也许还被留在金属臂里,没有被完全截掉。我挑出与分析有关的主体部分翻译了一下,原文详见→source: http://likeappletrees.tumblr.com/post/88622099250/msbeeinmybonnet-so-with-my-very-belated


The scene starts with Bucky stripped to the waist so an engineer can work on repairing his arm. They’re inside a bank valve and from what I can count there are three scientists present and at least three armed guards. People cleverer than I am have gone into detail about the Winter Soldier’s vulnerability here, so I’ll focus on something else. Namely the arm.


Do you see that off-colour thing peeking through the wires? I do. I think that’s the Winter Soldier’s biological arm. There is supporting evidence later on for this theory, but may I just take a moment to scream in horror? Thank you. Because that is his arm. I know that in the comics his metal arm is attached to his (reinforced) spine to handle the weight and power. I can’t say if it’s the same in the MCU, but it seems that at the very least the metal arm has been grafted into his biological arm and shoulder. I… really don’t want to imagine the specifics.


[Zola: Sergeant Barnes.]

And now we come to the muddled flashback. It starts with Zola’s freakish smile with a snowy backdrop. This split second tells us many things, but I think the most important part is what the Winter Soldier remembers Zola saying - Sergeant Barnes. It is also immediately after he remembers this that he jerks in his chair and throws his head to the side. I don’t have any doubt that Steve’s soft Bucky? has been echoing inside the Winter Soldier’s head this whole time, finally knocking loose another memory of a different name. Another name for him. Which leads to a similar memory also involving a name.



[Steve: Bucky! No!]

[muffled scream] 
I have already gone into detail about this before (and lilinternetwarrior added some really great thoughts on it) but I want to emphasise that what triggered this memory was the previous one of Zola calling him Sergeant Barnes. I have a few theories on why he remembered Zola before Steve, but I think the most plausible one is that the memory of Zola happened after his traumatic fall, so it was easier for his brain to access than the one of Steve which happened just before. If you ask me, the Winter Soldier’s brain first remembered Zola’s Sergeant Barnes but didn’t feel it quite fit, and then dug up Steve’s Bucky! which felt a lot more Right.


Next up on our traumatic tour of the Winter Soldier’s fractured memories is this part, which is so shock-full of information I barely know where to begin. But let’s start with that mysterious soldier. I have it on good authority, thanks to my lovely followers, that the uniform is indeed Soviet and probably an officer’s. (Reference picture.) This raises an interesting question, since in the MCU, the Winter Soldier is a HYDRA creation rather than a Soviet one. The Soviet Union under Stalin was also notoriously paranoid so infiltration would probably not be plausible. What I can see is two different possibilities. The first is that HYDRA managed to turn some Soviet soldiers into informants, as a first step in the new and more duplicitous direction they’re taking in the future. Secondly, HYDRA agents swooped in a moment later and killed the Soviet soldiers to recapture Bucky.


Of course, it might just have been a quick shout-out to comics canon that is not meant to be analyzed this deeply.


Let us now leave the poor soldier alone and instead focus on the remains of Bucky’s torn-off arm. It is a horrific image, the way the stump leaves a thick trail of blood in its wake. It leads you to wonder how Bucky hasn’t bled out yet at this point, but the hint is in the voiceover. The procedure has already started. Whatever experiments Zola had Bucky submitted to, they clearly were somewhat successful. Because HYDRA were trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum and the cocktail they gave Bucky made him not only survive the fall but also the loss of his arm.


Maybe the Winter Soldier was always their intention.

The amputation sequence is an orgy in medical horror. Please note that since the Winter Soldier remembers this, it means he was awake during the procedure. They were amputating his arm properly while he was awake. No wonder we hear his muffled sound of pain. Here is also the supporting evidence I mentioned earlier. They amputate the arm with quite a bit of stump, about exactly the same length as what we see a hint of within the metal arm. Considering the scarring surrounding the socket, I can only pray that Bucky was unconscious during the grafting.


I am still reeling from the medical horror so I am having trouble seeing clearly, but if I take a moment to calm down I can focus on the Winter Soldier’s face. Again we’re cut away from the flashback because it got so intense, and look at his expression. Look closely. Even if it’s not HD quality, we can see the fear and confusion morphing into anger. It makes the following memory very interesting.


[mechanical whirring]

Zola: You will be the new fist of HYDRA.
the scientist haven’t even finished explaining the arm to Bucky and already he uses it to attack him. Even strapped down, weak and in an unfamiliar place, Bucky doesn’t hesitate for even a second before fighting back. That is an amazing show of mental strength. Of course, all he gets for his troubles is a hypodermic full of sedatives stabbed into his chest.


Zola: Put him on ice.

[ice freezing]
Oh god. Oh god. Is there anyone here who doesn’t cry over this part? I don’t think there is anything left to say that hasn’t already been said, so I will leave this part of the flashback before it breaks me completely. 


Considering the other two memories that upset the Winter Soldier enough to lash out, I don’t think there’s any wonder why the memory of his first cryo-freeze caused him to attack the engineer. It was an instinctive reaction, as we can see from how he keeps himself entirely still afterwards. He is stuck with all these confusing memories and the emotions associated with them, his head is probably pounding as it frantically tries to repair itself, and we can see in the last gif how he slowly shuts down to enter that semi-catatonic state we see him in later.


I think everything in this movie is pain, but this part is especially so. Therefore I will leave you with these words:
This avalanche of memories returned to the Winter Soldier after only a couple of days out of cryo and one word from Steve. Remember that.


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